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The build plans are for a 45w x 24d x 23 3/4h table.  You will receive a complete list of the materials needed, the supplies needed, and the tools required for the build.  You also receive a cut list and the detailed step by step plan to build your own Puzzle Coffee Table.  The table will hold a 44 x 23-inch puzzle.  You can modify these build plans to have the table be wider, longer and higher based on your needs.  These build plans are for intermediate build skills and require power tools such as a router and table saw.  Since you have instant access to the PDF files to download, there will be no refunds.  

Furniture Flipper ~ Owner: Designed Decor

DeDe Bailey

I was once in your shoes doing every search available to find some helpful information on how to paint furniture. I became confused about which paint to use and what techniques to try. I read so much conflicting information my head was spinning. I am sure you are feeling this same frustration and are afraid to start. If you are like me, you want to learn how to paint your own pieces for your home or you may be thinking you might turn this into a part-time business. Let me help you cut to the chase and learn the easy way to paint furniture. Once I began to learn the basics of painting, I discovered it was not as hard as I was making it to be. I just needed to stop searching and start painting. I have 7+ years of furniture painting experience. I have taught in-person paint classes, as well as online furniture painting workshops, I created beautifully painted pieces for my home as well as sold painted furniture for an income. Start to create your own beautifully painted pieces and let me help by teaching you all the things I have discovered over the years.

Course curriculum

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    • Download Plans

    • Puzzle Coffee Table Build Plans

    • Puzzle Coffee Table Material List Only

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    Build Plans

    • Build Plans - Step by Step with Sketches

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    Share Your Design

    • Share Your Completed Tables